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Juvenile Education

River Valley Detention Center provides juvenile education services on a year round basis working with Joliet Township High School District 204.


Educational Program

The students\' academic levels are assessed as soon as they arrive at the facility.  Test results in Reading and Math help the staff provide appropriate instruction to students at their present instructional levels.  Academic instruction is provided in Math, Communicative Arts, Social Sciences, Health and Physical Education.  A tutorial styled program is used in the facility due to the wide age range, grade levels, as well as the varied academic abilities of the students.  Students are provided direct instruction as new material is presented.  The teachers check the students\\' work for understanding and mastery of the concepts being taught.  Class work is graded daily.  Low scores on daily school work will result in additional instruction as they repeat the assignment until they are successful.

Computer Based Learning

Joliet Township High School provided Chromebooks, featuring the Apex computer based learning system, are provided in a classroom environment.

Student Support Services

Many of the students entering the facility are functioning significantly below grade level.  Truancy, unidentified special needs and other at-risk factors have hindered their educational progress.  Many of the older students have stopped attending school or have been dropped from the school for lack of attendance and/or behavioral concerns.  School, for most residents has not been a very successful experience.

The RVDC staff and teachers actively work together to ensure successful learning experiences for all students.  In addition to meeting the students\' educational needs, the entire facility strives to build self esteem and an "I Can" attitude for the students.  Programs designed to develop a positive self image include classes in anger management, drug prevention & intervention.

Teaching Staff

All educational programs are staffed by certified teachers.  Teachers are certified in a variety of subjects at the Secondary and Elementary levels.  Remedial and Special Education instruction is also available to students who are at risk or have specialized needs.


Out of District Students

The students\' home schools are contacted as soon as they arrive.  Homework assignments as well as the students current performance levels are requested from the students home school.  The facility will provide appropriate instruction if the students\' home school is unable to provide the necessary materials.