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Visitation Policies and Guidelines

Visits are limited to parent and/ or legal guardians.  Come prepared with two forms of identification.  The primary I.D. must be a valid state issued I.D. card or Driver's License.  Public Aid cards, employment I.D., voters cards and F.O.I.D. cards will not be acceptable as your primary I.D., but can be used as your second form of identification.  In the event that parents are divorced and both wish to visit, we ask that they coordinate time and visit together.  If both parents wish to visit separately each one may visit for fifteen (15) minutes.

Contact Visits

It will be the policy of the River Valley Detention Center to allow contact visits. The contact Visitation  program will have strict guidelines to preserve the safety and security of the facility, resident, staff and parents/guardians. Once your child reaches a level four status, you may receive a contact visit. Contact visits will be conducted on Saturdays for green pod and Sundays for blue pod, during their regularly scheduled visit time. These visits are also thirty minutes in length and will take place on the hour. A sign-up sheet will be made available in the front lobby to sign up throughout the week. Parents may not call the facility to sign up for contact visits or to check the level status of their child. Appropriate contact will be allowed (example: hugs, hand holding, cheek kiss only) during the contact visit. Prior to the contact visit you are required to clear the metal detector. Failure to clear the metal detector will result in one of two situations: denial of the visit, or being subjected to a pat search. Refusal of a pat search will result in denial of the visit. Please note if your child receives an initial from staff on a Saturday or Sunday they may not receive a contact visit, however you are encouraged to proceed with a non-contact visit when you arrive.

Denial or Cancellation of Visit

For the safety of everyone in visitation, RVDC staff retain the right to deny any visit for the following reasons:
bulletVisitor or youth appears to be in a agitated state
bulletVisitor is suspected to be under the influence of alcohol and/ or drugs
bulletThe visit has deteriorated to the point that it is no longer in the youth's best interest, or it appears that a visitor is at risk
bulletIn case of any emergency situations

Special Visits

Special visits are reserved for persons over 21 years of age who are related to the youth in question as long as the visit is in the best interest of the youth.  No one under the age of 21 is allowed to visit.  Special visits are authorized on a one time basis.  Special visitors must be reauthorized each and every time they wish to visit.  Special visitors must also meet the same identification requirements as regular visitors.  Special visits may be requested by calling the Facility Case Coordinator.

Visitation will start and end on the half hour. Visits that do not start on time, due to a visitor being late, will still end on the next half-hour. You need to be on time to ensure that you can visit with your child for the entire half-hour that your child is allowed to visit.

Please do not bring clothing to your child while they are in detention. The only acceptable item would be athletic shoes if your child does not currently have them here. If there is a special circumstance and your child needs to exchange clothes you must contact Case Coordinator Joseph Richardson.

Please feel free to call the administrative office at (815) 730-7070 between the hours of 8:30 am and 4:00 p.m. in the event you have additional comments or questions.

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